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Head magnifier megaview mg-2:

  • very light-weight and comfortable 90 grams with the lens
  • three exchangeable lenses in the kit
  • flip-up function
  • easy adjustment to the size of the head
  • can be worn over spectacles

The kit consist:

  • An adjustable headband
  • Three acrylic binocular lenses

The MG-2 kit consists three lenses of 2.0x, 2.5x and 3.0x magnification.
An 1.7x lens is also available as an extra option.

Working distances are suggested as per the diagram below for each power. The working distance decreases as the magnification power increases. Find your correct focus by altering the distance from the object you are working on as the correct focus depends on individual sight and on whether eyeglasses are worn or not.

Power Distance [mm]
2.0 x 200 – 300
2.5 x 150 – 250
3.0 x 150 – 100
1.7 x 250 – 350 (for reference)

Easy adjustment to the size of the head:
to adjust the size of the headband just put it on your head and adjust by setting the right clip on the band. After setting the right size the MEGAVIEW-EASIFIT can be worn just like a cap without the need to adjust it every time.

Exchanging the lens:
grab the lens with the convexity to the outside and push it into the clips. To remove the lens take it out of the clips, one at a time. We suggest grabbing the lenses through a microfibre cloth to avoid getting fingerprints on the lenses.

Lenses with flip-up function:
when not in use while wearing the MEGAVIEW MG-2, flip up the lens. If the lens still interrupts your sight, flip up (pic. 1),the visor after loosing the knob. But do not flip the lens higher than the horizontal level. (pic. 2).