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Replaceable foils for COMFORT PLUS and STANDARD face shields.

The foils are permanently antistatic on both sides!!!

All foils in our offer are 175 microns thick and have highest dimensional stability. A set contains 4 pieces of foil.

Each purchased face shield set includes a set of foils. It is also possible to order a set of foils separately as replacement foils for a suitable face shield model.
Most foils ensure optimum protection of the face against airborne infections, fluid splatter and working materials debris.

Features of the protective foil:

  • it is permanently antistatic on both sides – does not attract dust or working materials
  • excellent transparency
  • optimum thickness – 175 microns
  • perfect foil flexibility – which, assuming normal use, excludes its fragility and considerably prolongs its lifetime
  • highly anti-reflective – strongly reflecting light streams
  • the size ensures optimum face protection
  • an EC certificate ensures the highest quality of the product

How to use the product?

The foil should be attached to the eye frame with the clips.
The foil should be equally distanced from the face. Rinse the foil with current water to remove small spots or dirt. Use alcohol-free disinfectant and dry with microfiber textile for more detailed cleaning. Neither organic solvents nor rough-surfaced material should be used for cleaning.
When the foil becomes matt, it should be replaced with a new one.