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MG – 10 MEGAVIEW head magnifier with light

  • the total weight with the lens and batteries -148 grams
  • lens size 5 x 10 cm
  • four exchangeable lenses in the kit
  • easy adjustment to the size of the head
  • can be worn over spectacles

The MEGAVIEW MG-10 kit consist:

  • an adjustable headband with light source
  • three acrylic binocular lenses and one monocular lens
  • bulb: 2.2V / 0,25 A
  • batteries: 2 pcs of 1.5V AAA

Each MEGAVIEW MG-!0 set includes an assortment of 4 exchangeable lenses:

  • 3 binocular lenses (2.0 x, 2.5 x, 3.0 x) and a 4.0 x monocular lens.
  • A 1,7x lens is also available as an extra option.

Working distances are suggested as per the diagram for each power. The working distance decreases as the magnification power increases. Find your correct focus by altering the distance from the object you are working on as the correct focus depends on individual sight and on whether eyeglasses are worn or not. For much close-up work, you may use two lenses in combination.

Power Distance [mm]
2.0 x 200 – 300
2.5 x 150 – 250
3.0 x 100 – 150
1.7 x 250 – 300 (for reference)

Easy adjustment to the size of the head:
firstly, let the band pass through the buckle and adjust the length to fit your head. The band can be moved freely while the buckle is pressed by thumb. After setting the band size, the MEGAVIEW MG-10 can be worn like a cap, without adjusting the size each time.

Exchanging the lens:
hold the lens with the convex outward and clip into the hooks under the visor. To remove the lens, take off the hooks one at a time. We recommend that you hold the lens with the pouch to avoid getting finger prints on the lens.

Adjustment to the light:
the angle of the light can be changed by moving it up and down.

Lens has flip-up function
when you see far or do not need magnification, you can flip up the lenses. But do not flip the lens higher than the horizontal level.

Cleaning the magnifer:
to clean the lens use a microfibre cloth and clean water. Never use solvents or rough materials.